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AirBird® : Clever indoor climate sensor

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Reduce the risk of allergies and asthma

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Gift your family a healthy home

Indoor climate can look good too!

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Learn how to ventilate your bedroom better

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Aerosol cocktail?

Catch the build-up of pollutants early in your kitchen.

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Clean Air Habits

AirBird Plus coaches you to Air-Out your home without making it too cold or warm

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Good design meets clever tech

We bring to you over 6 years of research into sensors, pollution and indoor climate to offer a state-of-the-art product, packaged in a thoughtful & elegant design experience.

  • Precision Sensor Fusion

    Ultra precise optical sensors measure true CO2 along with temperature & relative humidity

  • High Quality Audio

    Soft bird sounds notify you changes to your indoor climate so you can take timely action

  • As easy as your wall clock

    An entire year of operation on 3 x AA alkaline cells, minutes to get going, fit and forget.  

  • Adaptive to your needs

    Choose between sound modelight mode or both (demo mode). Optional App connectivity with AirBird Plus. 

  • Breathe Easy

    Keep an eye on invisible pollutants and thermal comfort for your little ones. 

  • Fight your invisible enemy

    Living & cooking spaces are a cocktail of pollutants. Let the AirBird® help you minimise the risk of respiratory illness.

  • Basic science of sleep

    Wake up to a fresher start every morning, high CO2 levels overnight makes you tired ! Discover ventilation patterns in your bedroom.

Simple ways to maintain good indoor climate

Adequate and timely ventilation can be as important as eating healthy and exercising regularly. 

We breathe 11,000 liters of air in a day

This has a profound impact on our health & well being
Children's room

Children’s rooms for play and sleep are vulnerable to high levels of stale air as most often windows are closed for safety with lots of toys and soft furnishings. Long exposures to poor indoor climate cause disturbance to sleep, lower cognitive development and the AirBird® decrease risk of asthma and allergies

Better Sleep

1 out of 6 European adults report living in unhealthy homes. The AirBird® keeps track of your indoor air quality using CO2 levels and advanced algorithms. Continuously bad indoor climate can lead to poor health, loss of concentration, chronic fatigue and increases risks of various respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Living in damp and mouldy homes increases the risk of getting asthma with up to 40%.

Learning Ability

Students in classrooms are often exposed to high levels of CO2 which lowers learning ability and affects concentration. Typical classroom settings have closed windows resulting in very poor air quality. The AirBird® with its clever chirp algorithm gamifies the experience encouraging students to ventilate more often. When schools install a network of AirBird® devices, they can download a monthly report.