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How do I power the AirBird® ? 

How much area does the AirBird cover?

Where is the best location to install ?

How do I know if the air quality is poor ?

How long does the battery last?

What action can I take if the air quality is poor? 

Can I use the AirBird® without the companion app?

Do you ship the AirBird® worldwide ?

What is Light only mode ?

What is Sound only mode? 

What is demo mode? 

How can I adjust the volume ? 

What's the difference between AirBird and AirBird Plus

Where can I find the companion app for the AirBird®?

Can I connect the AirBird to an automatic ventilation system? 

What factors increase the risk of Asthma? 

What implications does stale air  levels have? 

What implications does very dry air have?

What implications does very moist air have?

Why do I need the hub? 

How long does the AirBird take to respond to change in air quality in a room?

What colours are available? 

My is my device giving me an error message or blinking rapidly?

The values look odd, how can I calibrate the device?