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AirBird® (Børn I Byen)

1.499,00 kr

AirBird® (Børn I Byen)

1.499,00 kr

The AirBird® can quickly detect poor indoor air quality with its clever chirp algorithm and helps you take necessary action. It measures CO2, Temperature and Humidity every few minutes to look for patterns. It can give feedback via gentle bird sounds in the Sound Mode or via soft glow in the Light Mode to prompt you to adjust ventilation, heating or cooling. 

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LIGHT FEEDBACK: A soft glow designed to bounce off gives a visual indication of Indoor air quality. Four light colours indicate rising levels of poor air and return to normalcy. You can adjust the light intensity to suit your ambience. 

SOUND FEEDBACK: Four bird tweet rhymes indicate marked changes to indoor air quality, rising levels of poor air and return to normalcy. You can adjust the sound levels or mute it. 

HIGH ACCURACY: Realtime sensing with very high precision air quality sensors and continued accuracy with auto-calibration algorithms.

FLEXIBLE MOUNT: A metal foot mount for the AirBird® allows it to be easily wall-mounted or placed on your desk. Screws are included in the box.
BATTERY POWERED: High-quality alkaline batteries give up to 12 months of battery life. No cables, no clutter. 3 x AA batteries and screwdriver included inside.


PACKAGE CONTENTS:  AirBird x 1, Metal base x 1 (for desk or wall mount).

DIMENSIONS: Length: 229 mm x Width: 95mm x Height: 99 mm (without wall mount)
height with the wall mount: approx 108 mm, Weight without battery: 250 gms 

DATA PRIVACY GUARANTEED: Your data never leaves the AirBird®, we have written thousands of lines of code just so that you don't have to fuss around with an app  - unless you choose too. If you would like to see your data and get notifications on the phone, the AirBird® needs a wireless hub that you can connect to your home wifi or internet router. Please choose the AirBird® Plus or purchase a hub if you already own an AirBird®. Each hub can support up to 5 AirBirds. 

Download the full technical Datasheet