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AirBird in classroom with children in Kokkedal School

Schools love the AirBird!

AirBird® keeps the classroom well ventilated. Research has shown that  well ventilated classroom offer healthy learning spaces for children. Lower levels of CO2 improves concentration and flow of fresh air keeps infection risks low. Children remain alert during classes and both teachers and children have fewer sick days. 

AirBird is the first choice for Schools when it comes to improving their indoor climate in classrooms. 

Want AirBirds installed in your entire school?

With our AirBird® Enterprise solution we offer a tailor made solution. Children keep the simple AirBird® in their classroom that gently nudges them to learn about healthy air habits. 

Our Dashboard and Smart App view offers the school's facility management an overview of all the AirBird® installations, receive alerts and notifications and help manage ventilation challenges in each classroom.