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AirBird® Enterprise

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AirBird® Enterprise

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The AirBird® Enterprise is designed for multi-room, facility-wide deployment like schools, kindergartens, universities, offices and apartment blocks. 

Many AirBirds can be quickly deployed in a large property and they connect with a special wireless hub and 4G/LTE-CAT1 connection. All this with swift deployment and minimal I.T and network complexity!

The AirBird® Enterprise also delivers monthly benchmark reports for EN15251 or ASHRAE standards along with long term performance monitoring of your entire facility. It also offers API connectivity options to 3rd party CTS/BMS systems for building automation and HVAC integration. 

Each AirBird® in the Enterprise Network can quickly detect poor indoor air quality with its clever chirp algorithm and helps you take necessary action. It measures CO2, Temperature and Humidity every few minutes to look for patterns. 

For unhealthy, high CO2 levels it gives feedback via gentle bird sounds in the Sound Mode or via soft glow in the Light Mode to prompt you to adjust ventilation.

The AirBird® ENTERPRISE solution allows you to monitor many more parameters in your space and receive notifications and alerts through the AirBird® App notifications, a customised dashboard for facility management and monthly reports. 

This is ideal for optimising energy use together with maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in buildings.

 The AirBird® Enterprise works in perfect harmony with Leapcraft's professional products & solutions which offers a wider range of calibrated measurement parameters like different gases, noise, fine particles or dust, a wider range of gases etc. Learn more about facility management and technical solutions at www.leapcraft.dk

Please write to us for a free consultation and we can generate a tailor-made solution for you within 24 hours. 



LIGHT FEEDBACK: A soft glow designed to bounce off gives a visual indication of Indoor air quality. Four light colours indicate rising levels of poor air and return to normalcy. You can adjust the light intensity to suit your ambience. 


SOUND FEEDBACK: Four bird tweet rhymes indicate marked changes to indoor air quality, rising levels of poor air and return to normalcy. You can adjust the sound levels or mute it. 

HIGH ACCURACY: Realtime sensing with very high precision air quality sensors and continued accuracy with auto-calibration algorithms.

FLEXIBLE MOUNT: A metal foot mount for the AirBird® allows it to be easily wall-mounted or placed on your desk. Screws are included in the box.

BATTERY POWERED: High-quality alkaline batteries give up to 12 months of battery life. No cables, no clutter. 3 x AA batteries and screwdriver included inside.


DATA PRIVACY GUARANTEED: Your data that leaves the AirBird® is secured by encryption (AES128 bit + TLS) and has a unique ID that's impossible to mimic - that only belongs to you. We do not collect any personal data and all relevant GDPR regulations are followed.

Download the full technical Datasheet