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Use the AirBird® CONNECT to monitor your whole home.

Use the AirBird® CONNECT to monitor your whole home.

The AirBird® CONNECT ships with a wireless gateway + 1 AirBird®

Getting started

Download the AirBird Smart App on the AppStore / Google Play.

To connect your AirBird® to the wireless gateway Follow the setup video and guide.

How to monitor your home

Keep the AirBird® in the room you would like to monitor. We usually recommend only 1 AirBird® per enclosed space. In a few minutes, the air quality data of this room will show in the App. You can add more AirBirds® to the same wireless gateway - and get a complete overview of the air quality in your home.

AirBirds® are ideally placed in your bedroom, children's rooms, living area and study. In your App, you can name your AirBirds to indicate the rooms you have placed them in. 

The AirBird® measures CO2, temperature and humidity in realtime. The advanced AI that runs it, determines a risk score based on these parameters. You can receive alerts, notifications and weekly reports of your house's ventilation and air quality via the App. 

AirBird Plus-connected home-wireless Hub-App

Increased levels of CO2 have a bad health impact on our sleep quality. The challenge lies in that most people do not recognise the extent to which this impacts us. It is hard to perceive rising levels of CO2, and long exposure to high levels makes us feel tired, sleepy and seriously reducing our ability to perform activities with concentration.

For example, the air in your bedroom as you sleep is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your day. If the levels of CO2 are consistently high through the night, you might wake up with a headache, nausea and other sleep related symptoms. 

Having a fresh start to your day is in your hands! The AirBird® CONNECT helps you develop healthy air habits by gently reminding you to open your windows or ventilate.