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Wireless gateway

599,00 kr

Wireless gateway

599,00 kr

The wireless gateway allows your AirBird® to connect to the AirBird® Smart App.

It connects the AirBird® to your home Wifi and enables data connectivity to one or many AirBirds® placed in your home.  

Once you have installed the wireless gateway, you can download the AirBird App and see your indoor air quality instantly! The setup might take a few minutes, but be patient. We wanted to you to have access to your indoor climate data wherever you are and hence we have worked hard to make this solution possible!

Read the Gateway Setup Guide

Watch our video guide to setup your Wireless gateway.

Please note this works only on 2.4 Ghz band and does not support 5 Ghz band. 

The AirBird® Smart App is available for IoS and Android. 

Please note that if you have purchased a AirBird®CONNECT, it is already shipped with a single wireless gateway.